December 17, 2004

Back from Verbier
We got back from Verbier last Saturday. We'd been out for a week of pre trip training with The Warren Smith Ski Academy. We've skied with Warren before a couple of times and find that his "harsh but harsh" approach seems to work with us. We felt we improved quite a bit on the September trip to Saas Fee...

Pictures from Verbier
The weather was wonderful. Unfortunately we were there to ski and not to sun bathe... The weather would have been great for a last minute, end of season trip where there was plenty of snow around to slowly melt away, but this was the 4th December and the slopes were still very bare...

More Preparation - reprise
The business cards are cool, the card's a good quality and the surfprint logo on the back (yeah, we're cheapskates) is pretty discrete. Recommended. Event Mobile Tires did a good job on the tire fitting. They came when they were supposed, did the job and the price was right. Recommended. My new footbeds from ProFeet were good. No pain and I felt much more two footed than normal. Unfortunately Miche's weren't quite as good as her previous ones :( She has a wierd, odd, freaky long toe and the last footbed had a slight lift under the toe knuckle to keep it supported. The new footbed doesn't have that and the toe is cramping a bit. Miche is going back to ProFeet next week to get it sorted... The details of the BritLine account we've opened have come through, we're now just waiting for the cheque book and cards... Unfortunately the people I ordered the Sat Nav France disk from for the Rav 4's factory fitted Sat Nav took 3 weeks to decide that they no longer do Toyota stuff and that they can't get it for me after all. So the "Muppet of the Moment" award goes to Fox's (Badgers Mount [ooher missus] ) Ltd of Sevenoaks.

December 19, 2004

Good Customer Service from Oakley
I had good Customer Service from Oakley recently on a pair of returned sunglasses. Although they were out of warranty, I had sent them back for repair after the frame had snapped just below the right lens.