March 03, 2007

Week 15

This week started with a bit of a standard beginners repping error; I failed to ski to the advertised standard, which is fine if everyone is above the advertised standard, but I'd misread one of the member's abilities and pushed them far too hard... Oops. It was quite interesting to see how much more of a challenge a large group was; especially given that half the group knew the area very well and had skied with me before and so were, perhaps, a little hard to handle at times. Interesting times... We had lots of new snow this week, which was great, and the numbers and abilities and my repping all settled down as the week progressed. Once again the week was pretty hard work, most of the guys I skied with were very advanced skiers and I pushed everyone hard, maybe too hard! The week ended on a downer as Gaelle had to fly home :(

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Posted by Len at March 3, 2007 10:53 PM | Categories: Season 2 - Weekly Reviews , Ski Club of GB Rep
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