February 24, 2007

Week 14

My first week of repping and things went pretty well; though it's damn hard work leading small groups of really good skiers around a really challenging resort! My first day was quiet, very quiet, nobody turned up at the meeting point (!) still it was handy as it meant that I got a chance to see how much I remembered of Barrie's excellent hand over and got some more info from him when I bumped into him halfway through the day! The second day was pretty manic, one guest who turned out to be a rep but who didn't come clean until after the day was over! I was really starting to get a little concerned that if all my members were this good then I'd be skied to death by the end of my three week stint! Luckilly the members that did turn up later in the week, whilst almost as good as my first member, were easy to keep happy (steep, fast and lots of it). I eventually gave in and admitted that my ski boots would never show up and, after some investigation, bought some new ones that I'm very happy with. I also bought a new toy, GPS maps of the resort that I can download to my Garmin E-Trex Vista C. The week finished by getting infinitely better when Gaelle arrived for a visit; she's out for the whole of next week to help me celebrate my birthday.

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Posted by Len at February 24, 2007 10:50 PM | Categories: Season 2 - Weekly Reviews , Ski Club of GB Rep
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