March 07, 2007

Another warm day in Jackson Hole

Today was warm again, not quite as warm as yesterday, but still spring conditions. I skied with the 5 members that I skied with yesterday and earlier in the week; the 'new' three that joined me yesterday didn't show today.

For a change, and because I thought conditions would be good, we started by heading over to Sublette via the Gondola, Lupine Way, Amphitheatre, Thunder and Grand.

Conditions on the way over varied. Pretty much everything except Grand was quite pleasant; firm but smooth. Grand was a collection of lightly frozen lumps and wasn't that great. Once at the top of Sublette we took Hanging Rick down past the East Ridge chair; one quick foray onto the bottom of Rendezvous Bowl was enough to know that it was still too firm to be fun. We skied down Rendezvous Trail to Bivouac which was nice and smooth and firm but not too firm. Back to the top of Sublette and around again, this time taking the Rendezvous Trail all the way around, the steeper sections had good snow and the whole area was pretty quiet.

Next we took Thunder and skied Horn's Hole Traverse to Cirque Gulley and then headed down the Nez Perce Traverse towards Casper. Down to the lift and then down Lift Line until we got to the race course, which was open to the public today. A simple GS course was set and we all had a go. The course was easy and pretty slow but everyone had fun. We stopped for a coffee and then skied down to Casper and headed into the Moran Woods. The snow in the trees was good and we did a couple of circuits around and then headed over on the South Pass Traverse and took Hanna down to Apres Vous. One quick run down to the bottom and we took the Gondola back up and then skied Sundance and Croaky Pt back to Casper for lunch.

After lunch we skied to the bottom and then headed back to Thunder via the Gondola and some of the easier gulley and bump routes. Once at the top we took Paint Brush and everyone skied it better than earlier in the week. Unfortnately one of the members slipped and wiped out another member and then the pair of them slid down 80% of Paint Brush, riding the bumps and taking the path of least resistance. Luckilly both were unhurt even though one, the faller, managed to stop in some trees at the bottom (at least she was stopped by the trees and not by the rocks and cliffs...). After checking everyone was OK and giving marks for style we skied into Toilet Bowl and played on the slightly easier bumps there.

Everyone fancied doing Paint Brush again (gluttons for punishment!) so we looped around and skied it a second time, everyone skied it better and we all stayed on our skis all the way down. Since it was a "bumps" afternoon, we had a request for a run down Thunder, so we did that and everyone found the bumps on the easier pitch to be much easier after their experiences on the Paint Brush bumps.

South Pass Traverse to Sundance and then the bar for a beer.

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Posted by Len at March 7, 2007 09:01 PM | Categories: Season 2 - Ski Days , Ski Club of GB Rep
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