March 06, 2007

Spring skiing in Jackson Hole

It was warm today, very warm, too warm...

There were 8 members skiing with me today, the five guys who have already skied with me this week and the three new ones that I met in the bar last night.

In an effort to change things a little but not over stretch people we did a single run down under Apres Vous and then cut across to Casper for a single run down under there and then on to the Gondola. Unfortunately they had a race course set up under Casper and we couldnt cut across from Sleeping Indian back to Blacktail and so went around again and this time came down Lift Line. Several people (me included) fancied a try on the slalom course but it wasn't open to the public...

We too Blacktail to Sundance and then the Gondola to the top. A vote said that it was too early for a coffee so we skied down to Thunder via the usual, easy, route, and then took the Elephant Tree run and skied back down to the lift. I'd been checking the state of the choppy off-piste and due to the heat it was softening quickly. We tried out Lower Tramline as a test to see what the lower faces were like and liked what we found.

Back to the top via the Gondola and we stopped for a coffee before heading over to Sublette via the Laramie Bowl. Once at the top we decided that the lack of a line at the East Ridge chair meant that it was rude not to sample Rendezvous Bowl. After that we headed down to the Hobacks and skied half way down the Middle Hoback and then cut across to the North Hoback. Down to the Union Pass Quad and off for lunch. The snow on the Hobacks was pretty good but slightly softer than we'd have liked. Skiing with a group of 8 is slower than with smaller groups even if all members ski at the same speed as those in a smaller group. The group dynamics and management take longer and people don't ski close enough together! ;)

Lunch was late and the plan for the afternoon was for one run down through the trees (looking for somewhere cooler with better snow) under the Gondola and then a mad dash across to Thunder to do something a bit steeper. The run down through the trees took longer than expected (group size again) and we ended up taking the Gondola back up for one last run down on Sundance.

A good day but we didn't get quite as much done as I'd hoped and the snow was suffering quite badly from the sun. Things could be interesting tomorrow as the spring snow from this afternoon will freeze tonight...

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Posted by Len at March 6, 2007 08:00 PM | Categories: Season 2 - Ski Days , Ski Club of GB Rep
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