March 02, 2007

Blue skies, steep, deep and fast

Today was a blue sky day, it was cold, colder than yesterday according to the morning forecast, but the sunshine and lack of wind meant that it generally felt a little warmer. Today was an advanced/expert day so we headed for the chutes.

We took the Gondola, as the line was pretty small, and skied down to Thunder on piste (just for a change). First time down we took Paint Brush and the snow was awesome, soft, light and not too cut up. Next time down we took Tower Three and the snow at the top was great but the mid section was getting a bit bumpy, though was still good to ski. By now the line at Thunder was getting large so we took the Laramie Bowl down to Sublette and headed up for the Alta Chutes.

The snow down to Dog Face (near to the closed signs) was great, and untracked, the snow on Dog Face itself was a bit more worn and choppy. We skied down Pepi's to Alta one and dropped in. The snow was wonderful and it seems to have had less traffic than Tower Three and so was less rutted up. A great ski. Back at Sublette and the lift line was getting large so we decided to check out the lift line on East Ridge...

The East Ridge line was also pretty big so I switched to plan C. We headed off to the Hobacks and skied down some wonderful snow on South Hoback. We then headed to Nick Wilson's Cowboy Cafe for an early lunch.

After lunch we headed back to Thunder and found that there was no line, yay early lunch... We hooned down Grand to Sublette and again there was no line. Down Dog Face and Pepi's to Alta two which still has rocks at the choke point half way down. Apart from that it was good though. Once more up Sublette and this time there was no line at East Ridge so we took that and then skied down in the lesser tracked stuff under the chair.

Next we skied down the Rendezvous Trail to the Hobacks and this time did the Middle one. Good snow and still some fresh tracks to be had. Back to base and people were feeling a little tired so we did one run down through the Saratoga Bowl and then a final run down on piste.

A glorious day and a good end to week two.

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Posted by Len at March 2, 2007 06:51 PM | Categories: Season 2 - Ski Days , Ski Club of GB Rep
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