March 01, 2007

No visibility, very cold, stayed in the trees

It was snowing today and the visibility was poor and it was cold... We started with a run down in the fresh snow on the pleasantly groomed Werner off of Apres Vous. Next time down we did the off piste, ducking in and out of the tree sections but the new snow hadn't been enough to make the crunchier stuff nice.

We decided to head higher and took the Gondola to Thunder and realised our mistake as we appreciated the cold wind with our noses... One run down past the Elephant Tree and down the Paint Brush variation. We decided that it was too cold to stay over here and that an early coffee stop was in order so we cut across to the Casper Restaurant and headed inside for a warm...

The plan for after coffee was to loop on the Casper chair skiing the Moran Woods. We did the lift once and realised that it was cold here too. So we skied all the way down through the trees and took the Gondola instead. Two runs down through the trees under the Gondola and it was time for lunch.

After lunch we felt like a change of scene so skied over to Thunder and skied the trees under Thunder and in and around Hoops Gap a couple of times. Since we'd had a late lunch and worked hard due to the lack of vis it was about time to stop and so we took a run down the South Pass Traverse to Gros Ventre and then headed home.

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Posted by Len at March 1, 2007 08:49 PM | Categories: Season 2 - Ski Days , Ski Club of GB Rep
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