February 28, 2007

Blue skies and lower faces

This morning the skies were blue and it was rather cold. A lovely crisp, clear day that kept yesterday's snow in good condition and allowed us to explore the lower faces in Jackson Hole; things like the Hobacks which often have rather crunchy, nasty, snow due to the sun melting it in the afternoons...

We began the day with a trip up the Gondola; the lines were short so it seemed rude not to. For a change, because it's often tempting to spend all day off of the groomed trails, we took the nicely groomed Lupine Way down to the equally nicely groomed Amphitheatre and then on to Thunder. Sticking with a theme we dropped into Laramie Bowl and took the groomed side down to Sublette and then skied over to the East Ridge Chair and took a run down Rendezvous Bowl. The snow was nice; choppy powder and I worked on my off piste 'cross under' turns (which were working well). We skied down to Bivouac Woods and then dropped down to the base of Sublette.

I was curious to see what the lower faces would be like given yesterday's snow and the continuing cold weather and so we chanced Rawlings Bowl and traversed across to South Colter Ridge and beyond. The snow was good, light and soft, until around 100' of the Union Pass Traverse. Given that it's often difficult to ski the Hobacks due to poor snow conditions and that the stuff we'd just skied were generally a good indication of the conditions in the Hobacks we decided to give them a go.

Down to the Gondola, a coffee stop at the top and then the interesting traverse route to lower Cirque and down to Thunder. Down through the trees to skiers right of Grand and up Sublette and straight down the Rendezvous Trail fo the Hobacks. We went far to skiers right, onto South Hoback, often keeping the boundary rope in sight. The snow was great and the area was empty. We skied hard and dropped out onto the Union Pass Traverse and headed back to the base. I gave the guys an option, lunch or another run, they decided on another run so we looped aorund again and this time took the North Hoback. By now we were all tired and ready for lunch.

After lunch at the Alpenhof we took the Gondola up and then skied down Casper Traverse and into the Woosley Woods. By now it was overcast and snowing, we'd made the right choice to ski a long morning as we'd skied in the sun for longest. The snow in the trees was great, though pretty skied out. We skied down to the Casper lift and then did a couple of laps in the Moran Woods before skiing down to the base and heading for some beer. Another good day.

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Posted by Len at February 28, 2007 06:29 PM | Categories: Season 2 - Ski Days , Ski Club of GB Rep
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