February 26, 2007

Smaller group, advanced/intermediate day...

Today there were just three members, including Gaelle. There had been a little fresh snow over night and the lines for the Gondola were pretty big so we began with a run down underneath Apres Vous. After that we dropped into the trees in the Saratoga Bowl and then skied down to the base and took the Gondola.

We then took the gulley routes down to Thunder, the plan being to head high for the good snow and in a vain hope to get above the cloud. We dropped through the Laramie Bowl (for a change and since the snow looked good from the top; it was). The ride up on Sublette was ok, not too windy, but the ride on the East Ridge Chair was bitter. The snow in Rendezvous Bowl was great though. The first line we took was in the centre, near to the "steepest part" markers; great snow, good pitch, lots of fun! Next time down we took a slightly less steep section to skiers left of where we'd gone down previously. Most people preferred this route as it was easier to keep a flowing run going as the pitch was a little more manageable in the choppy snow. Third time down we took a route under the chair where the snow was pretty much untouched.

Taking a long traverse into the Cheyenne Bowl we took our own lines, some in the bowl, some in the trees of Bivouac Woods. We decided on an earlier lunch than yesterday and, as people's legs were tired and the snow on the lower faces was likely to be a little more sun affected and crunchy we took the South Pass Traverse to Gros Ventre.

After lunch I decided on a change of pace. We took the Gondola to the Casper Traverse and into Woosley Woods. The snow in the trees was good so we headed over to Casper and skied some lines in the Moran Woods. After three times through the woods I gave the guys an option; either we keep skiing the trees or we head over to Thunder and do some steep stuff. They voted for steeps so we took the Gondola and gulley route down to Thunder.

We reached Thunder in time to do one run down the Tower Three Chute and one down Hoops Gap. Both were good fun with great snow and "interesting" bumps... By the time we finished Hoops Gap everyone was ready to call it a day; legs were gone. We dropped down to Gros Ventre and headed home.

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Posted by Len at February 26, 2007 06:07 PM | Categories: Season 2 - Ski Days , Ski Club of GB Rep
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