February 23, 2007

End of week one

Today I skied with the father and son team's whole family and a rep who was on the course with me in Tignes and his partner; my largest group to date! There had been a trace of snow last night but the weather wasn't great, it was windy and cloudy and the visibility was pretty poor with low definition of the slopes for most of the day.

We began with a gentle run down Werner and Upper Teewinot and then down to Lower Teewinot and back to the Gondola. The un groomed stuff on the way down was pretty cruddy due to freeze/thaw and we decided to head higher. Up the Gondola and over to Thunder via one of the gulleys off of Lupine Way and the natural half pipe to the side of Amphitheater. Once at the top we did the Elephant Tree run down to the Old Man's Paint Brush and then looped on the lift, this time doing Paint Brush, looping again to do Tower Three and again to do Hoops Gap and then again to do the run down under the chair lift. The reason that we stuck on Thunder was that there was high wind and it looked like heading over to Sublette and East Ridge would be a cold and miserable experience.

By now it was lunch time and we took Lower Tramline (which had been skied enough that most of the crud had been broken down) and headed for lunch at the base.

After lunch I decided to head over to Sublette. The wind was still strong but by then Thunder was unpleasant anyway and we'd skied enough there. The first time up Sublette was OK, only windy at the top and pretty shielded by the mountains for most of the way up. We headed down Dog Face, Pepi's and dropped down Alta 1 and looped on the lift. This time up it was cold and miserable so we cut along the Tensleep Traverse and dropped down the Expert Chutes and then down to the Gondola.

Once at the top again we took the Casper Travers and dropped down through Woosley Woods. The snow was pretty good for most of the way down and then got cruddy near the bottom. Once up Casper and it was getting late, we dropped down through the Moran Woods and then took the pistes down to the base.

Time for beer...

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Posted by Len at February 23, 2007 08:05 PM | Categories: Season 2 - Ski Days , Ski Club of GB Rep
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