February 22, 2007

Cowboy Thursday

When selecting the options for our programme we have to select names for each day from a drop down list. Apparently, back in the day, reps were allowed to pick any names they wanted and make up new names on the spot. Allegedly names like "Mothers and Daughters Day" caused the Ski Club to clamp down a little...

Today was Cowboy Thursday...

We didn't have any fresh snow today, what kind of ski resort IS this? I want the name of the manager to complain!

We had 10cms or so over the course of yesterday and 15cms the night before but, of course, in bounds all of that is well and truly skied out (unless you hike the Headwall or Circque or are more knowledgeable than I am (not difficult)). Still, it was a glorious blue sky day and it was quiet as most of the President's Day holiday crowd have gone home. Only one member today, the Ski Club Rep who's been with me all week. Today was an "advanced/intermediate" day, so we skied pretty much the same standard as all the other days, that is, we skied to our level.

The plan was to head straight over to Sublette, and everything went to plan. We used the new traverse into lower Cirque that I learned yesterday and then blasted down to Thunder, and then did the same down to Sublette. We actually spent more time on piste than off in this first run; mainly because the grooming looked pretty cool and I was in my new boots and wanted to work out how they worked... In summary; they work, they're snug, the control I have is good but will be better when I get the footbeds done, the flex pattern will take some getting used to, I feel a little in the back seat, and the buckle settings need some work.

Once at the top of Sublette we took Dog Face down to Pepi's Run and then went straight into Alta 1... Quite a pleasant warm up. The snow in Alta 1 was good and we then blasted back down to Sublette to try the next Alta chute. This time down we got a little confused and ended up in Alta 3. Again the snow was good and it was a fun ride. Time to try again, but the lift line at Sublette was a little big (almost to the edge of the maze) and so we decided to head off to do something else and come back once the backcountry crowd had left the building... Also, my feet needed a rest, so a coffee stop was in order.

We dropped down Rawlings Bowl and took the same route as yesterday but cut back to skiers right sooner so that we dropped straight onto the Union Pass Traverse at the point where it met Way Home and so could ski easily to the Union Pass lift. We then skied back to the Gondola and rode back to the top where we stopped so that I could let my feet rest and we could rehydrate and dehydrate. We then took the same traverse to Thunder, dropped down the trees to skiers right of Grand to get to Sublette and then took Dog Face and Pepi's to Alta 2. The snow in Alta 2 was good but there were rocks showing in the centre on lots of the turns and the chute was pretty bumped up; we could have skied it better. Back to Sublette and then up to the top of East Ridge for a run down the 'steepest' section of Rendevous Bowl; nice snow, nice pitch, nice and empty. From there we took the traverse and dropped into the trees just to skiers right of Cheyenne Gulley. From there we took the Rendevous Trail back to Sublette.

Back to the top and this time we took Tensleep Traverse and then dropped down to enter the Expert Chutes. From there we hooned down Amphitheatre and dropped into Lower Tramline to Union Pass Traverse and the base for lunch.

After lunch we took the Gondola and dropped down and to skiers left towards Casper. Along the Moran Traverse and into the Moran Woods. The snow here wasn't that great; we're getting fussy, it was a little sun affected in places and slightly crunchy in others, with some fresh, soft, light, untracked powder in the shade between trees that looked too close together (but often weren't). Deciding that was too much like hard work and that the snow higher up was better we skied down to the base, took the Gondola up to the traverse into lower Cirque and then took a final ride up Thunder. It was 15.20 by now and Thunder closes at 15.30...

The choice was Tower Three or Paint Brush and we went for Tower Three. Both of us were tired and we both decided that we could have skied it better. It didn't help that someone turned off the lights half way down and we lost definition on the snow ahead of us. Knowing, from our earlier run down Rawlings and our fun in the Moran Woods, that the lower snow was a bit of an effort, we took Gros Ventre down and headed for the bar.

The boots were good but a) need the footbeds and b) need bedding in. I also seem to have got used to the rental boots and so I need a couple of days back in proper boots to feel centred again. The day was good, and hard but we didn't do quite as much vertical as yesterday.

When we got to the bar the father and son team's instructor for the day was there and he just happened to be one of the instructors that I'd randomly asked about boot fitting the day before... Small world.

More snow due for tomorrow and then a big storm is due to hit; fingers crossed.

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