February 21, 2007

OK, so Delta ate my ski boots

It's been six days since Delta or United or Denver International Airport or Salt Lake City Airport or someone, lost my ski boot bag. Each day I call the delayed bag tracking line I get a different person who seems to know nothing of the conversations I'd had on the previous days (even though they all spend ages "updating the file, please stay on the line"). Usually they say that the bag is in Denver. Sometimes they say that they don't know where it is. I think they're rolling dice and have a crib sheet of possible answers.

Today I seemed fated to buy new boots. I'd become a little dissatisfied with my boots anyway, they've seen a lot of action, the liner was starting to feel a bit sloppy and a shell check showed that they were too big (oh and I've had them an age!).

I was chatting to a couple from Vancouver this morning at the bus stop and they introduced me to Bo, a local ski instructor.. I chatted to Bo on the bus and eventually asked him who he'd go to if he needed new boots. When I arrived at the base I went to the recommended shop and asked the boot fitter to explain how he would sell me boots. He looked a little baffled to start with but soon got into the flow and told me about measuring feet, looking at feet, working out which boots they stocked would suit the kind of feet that I had, custom insoles, etc. He had me from 'telling me what boot I could have'.

I got a coffee from the normal place and saw a couple of "old and gnarly" ski instructor dudes. I asked them the "who would you" question and they concurred with Bo. The game was on.

After skiing today I went and got myself some new Salomon XWave 10s. I was given a choice of these or some Lange Worlc Cup boots (the 'interesting blue' ones) and as much as I liked the idea of the Lange ones they just didn't fit right across the top of the foot (too much space) and the Salomon's felt like fine leather gloves (though how gloves would feel on my feet I don't know, but you get the drift...). Interestingly my old boots were also Salomon XWave 10s and I picked them for the pretty colours and the cool see-through shell.

The custom footbed man was busy and doesn't work tomorrow or Friday so I have an appointment for the final fitting on Saturday evening. Tomorrow I need to adjust my bindings as these new boots are a full size smaller (why is it that ski boots are always smaller than the last pair? I'm on to my fourth pair, those first ones must have been like duvet lined boats, or my feet have shrunk from being tightly bound in ski boots for so long, nah...)

The boots already feel better than the hire boots and I can fasten them snugly by clipping just the first clip on all the buckles. I've been getting a bit (no, actually, a lot) frustrated by the lack of precision in my rental boots. Turning kinda goes like this, move feet, wait, wait, boot might move, ski might move, might turn... Cranking them up has helped a bit but at the expense of circulation to the toes and corresponding lack of precision and finesse.

More news once I've actually skied in them, but heh, I have 2 more weeks to get em right!

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Posted by Len at February 21, 2007 09:40 PM | Categories: Season 2 - General

Bet now you have bought some your old ones turn up.... it's the law of sod....

Posted by: maria at February 22, 2007 01:16 AM

Of course. But I'd decided that I wanted new ones anyway, so no bother.

Posted by: Len at February 22, 2007 07:23 AM
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