February 20, 2007

Cranking it up a notch

We had 15cm of new snow last night and the plan for today was simple; head straight over to the top of the East Ridge chair and rip up the fresh powder on Rendevous Bowl.

Unfortunately the mountain had other ideas. Sublette chair was broken and stayed closed all day. It wasn't clear if East Ridge was running but some people decided to hike along the line of the Laramie Traverse to find out. We didn't...

I had the same guy skiing with me today as I hadyesterday. Last night, over a beer, he owned up to being a Ski Club Rep as well. Today was quite relaxed, when skiing with real members you're not allowed to ski places that you haven't already explored, with just two reps all bets were off and we explored the mountain together. Bear in mind that today was all a bit of a blur, we skied hard and fast and so the account of what went on may not be strictly accurate...

Since we were at Thunder chair when we heard about the Sublette issue we decided to ski off of there for a while as the line wasn't too bad. We'd cut across from the Gondola via a random steep section of trees and once at the top of Thunder we took Tower Three Chute; the snow looked good and it seemed rude not to. Back up the chair we took a route down the steep stuff lower than Hoops Gap with lots lof large boulders at the bottom; I assume it was the Mushroom Chutes. Next we took the Paint Brush to Toilet Bowl traverse which was made a little more interesting than it normally is by the fact that when we got to the start of it we could see a guy upside down, half way down the steep slope from the middle of a traverse with his poles wrapped around a small tree and one ski considerably lower near a small rocky outcrop. He seemed OK, shuffled down to get his ski and warned us that the first bump on the traverse had a bit of a kick today... We took it slowly. The snow in Toilet Bowl was worth the entrance and we skied down and cut across on the South Pass Traverse to head back towards the Gondola and, hopefully, shorter lift lines...

Up the Casper chair lift and we explored along the length of the Moran Traverse, coming down a few times through the trees and looping back due to the lack of a line on Casper. Next we cut over to Apres Vous and did a run down through the Saratoga Bowl, this time cutting as far as we could to skiers left (until we found the fence) and then working our way back right. Once more up Apres Vous and then down through the trees underneath the lift and it was time for some food.

After lunch we again headed over to Thunder, took the trees beside Grand down towards the broken Sublette and then took Rawlins Bowl down to the Union Pass Quad. Back to the top and some more fun in the trees under the Gondola line. Then across to Casper for more play around the Moran Woods, down to Apres Vous for a run down the Tweewinot Face and then back up Casper to check out some practically untracked stuff we'd seen from somewhere below Apres Vous; we couldn't get to it, but we tried and the stuff we did get to was pretty fresh still. One last run down Teewinot Face to Apres Vous and then a final easy cruise down Werner and Lower Teewinot to the base and it was time for beers.

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Posted by Len at February 20, 2007 07:58 PM | Categories: Season 2 - Ski Days , Ski Club of GB Rep
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