February 19, 2007

Black diamond magic

Today I actually had a Ski Club member ski with me! Woo! The lift line at the Gondola was pretty large so we headed over to Apres Vous first thing. We started off on a groomer, Werner, to get the legs working and so that I could get a feel for how the guy I was leading skied. He kept with me all the way down and was right behind me no matter how fast I went; check box number one...

After that we dropped down the choppy powder under the Apres Vous chair and then went into the woods and cut a bit to skiers left to end up on the St Johns cat track at the end of the Saratoga Bowl Traverse. Again we were together all the way down and were travelling at a reasonable pace. The day was supposed to be an "Advanced Intermediate" day and so far things were looking good.

Back up Apres Vous and this time off to skiers left and into the Saratoga Bowl. The snow was much better than yesterday, soft, fluffy and light with no trace of the crunchy stuff that I skied yesterday. The run through the trees was good and I decided that the Gondola lift line was probably easing so we headed back down to the base. The line was still a little large so we took the singles line and paused for a momemt for a binding adjustment at the top. My guest had stepped out of his binding during our tree run and decided that he wanted to tweak them a little higher. Once the equipment fiddling was done we cut down one of the gulleys off of Lupine Way and headed for the Thunder chair lift.

From the top of Thunder we took the Tower Three Chute, which had great snow in it, and then headed back up Thunder to take Riverton Bowl. This time up we dropped down through the trees to skiers right of Grand and then took the Sublette chair and then the East Ridge chair to the top. One run down the widely spaced trees to skiers left of Rendevous bowl and we headed down the Rendevous trail and onto the Hobacks. The snow to this point had been uniformly good but around two thirds of the way down the Hobacks the snow got a bit thinner and crunchier. We finished off with a run down the Union Pass Traverse and stopped for lunch at the base.

After lunch we headed back to the top of Sublette, took the Tensleep Traverse and dropped into the first of the Expert Chutes. Thunder chair was quiet so we did Tower Three Chute and Hoops Gap and then headed back to the base via the bump field on Slalom. Once more up the Gondola, into Woolsey Woods and then a fast cruise down Sundance to the base. Time to call it a day. I wonder what I'll do to up the pace for tomorrow's "Advanced/Expert" day...

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Posted by Len at February 19, 2007 09:00 PM | Categories: Season 2 - Ski Days , Ski Club of GB Rep
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