February 18, 2007

Nobody to play with...

I skied on my own today. No members turned up at the meeting point this morning and so I had nobody to lead around. I expect the lack of interest is due to the holiday weekend here in the states and the fact that flights in to Jackson Hole around this weekend were quite a bit more expensive than normal.

I used the day to consolidate what I'd learned from Barrie. I skied a route through Saratoga Bowl (which had awful crusty sun affected snow on it) and then skied Tower Three Chute and Riverton Bowl. Then, at the top of Thunder, I bumped into Barrie who was skiing on his own and he showed me another couple of things. The first was a route through the trees near to Bivouac, the second was the route across from Sublette to the bottom of Corbets and then in to the Expert Chutes.

Whilst standing at the bottom of Corbets, looking up, we saw someone edging their way into the couloir very cautiously. The guy didn't look at all confident. Just as I said this to Barrie the guy slipped and fell backwards into the couloir and bounced around 25m down whilst leaving various bits of kit scattered over the slope. After a while he got up and started collecting his gear together, nobody could really help him, it would have been hard for someone to have jumped in and then stopped on a dime to collect his ski for him and nobody was going to climb up the rest of the slope to get him...

The afternoon was short for me, it started snowing, the vis reduced and the light got flat and I realised that I would be skiing for another 6 days before I'd have a chance to have a break... So I called it a day.

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Posted by Len at February 18, 2007 08:58 PM | Categories: Season 2 - Ski Days , Ski Club of GB Rep
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