February 16, 2007

Getting to know Jackson Hole

Today was my first day skiing in Jackson Hole. Barrie King, the Ski Club rep who has been here for the last month showed me around and kindly dumped lots and lots of useful information my way. There had been 9" of snow last night and, although it was a bit windy up top and some of the lifts were on hold for some of the day, we had a great day's skiing.

My skis arrived at the hotel last night but my boots still haven't shown up so I was in rental boots for the first time in ages. Lucky one of the shops does 'demo' rentals so at least they were decent boots. After a run or two under Apres Vous chair I'd got them adjusted so that they weren't quite so different to my normal boots, which was a relief!

Due to lift limitations we skied mostly around Apres Vous and the Gondola area. We started on some groomed pistes and then headed into the Saratoga bowl for some nice chopped up powder and some reasonably spaced trees. Then up the Gondola and along Casper Traverse for a while before dropping into Woolsey Woods for some closer trees. Across to the restaurant at the base of Casper chair for a coffee break and then down to Apres Vous for another blast down the Saratoga bowl and then back up the Gondola to do Woolsey Woods again, this time, once out of the woods we followed the line of the Gondola down through the trees and eventually dropped on to Sundance and headed down to the bottom for some lunch.

After lunch the group thinned and three of us headed back up the Gondola to take another route through the woods and down the line of the Gondola, cutting off to take the Casper Bowl chair and then coming down some choppy stuff before taking the Gondola one final time, doing some woods and then dropping in to Beaver Tooth and following the gulley down to Werner and then home.

There was more but my brain has filled up with all the helpful routes and options that Barrie was giving me.

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Posted by Len at February 16, 2007 06:30 PM | Categories: Season 2 - Ski Days , Ski Club of GB Rep
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