January 24, 2007

New snow but SO cold!

I was noticing the cold today, not really sure why. It was -18 up top and there was some wind but I usually manage OK. Today my hands were SO cold that I had to get some hand warmers out (I usually carry them in case people that I ski with get cold hands, I don't think I've ever used them myself before!). I think I may have needed an extra layer...

The good news was that we'd had around 6-8" of snow all the way down to village level. The bad news was that there was only 6-8" at the top, we'd hoped for more after seeing what we had at the base.

The new snow was good but we quickly skied through the new soft stuff and found ourselves on the crustier stuff underneath. As always there were good spots and bad spots, you had to keep your wits about you. Our brief forays off piste were, well, brief, the crunchy stuff was just too much of a pain to ski it so we stayed mostly on piste...

Everyone got pretty cold pretty quickly and, since I was cold and whingy, I suggested an early coffee break at the Parsennhutte. After our warm up stop we took the Furka again and did a little more off piste, the snow was improving a little, or perhaps we were just lucky. A little more off piste down by TotAlp and Gaelle decided to drop over and ski down towards the Hauptertali T bar. The run down had hardly been skied, was very quiet and had good snow, we did it a couple of times before I started whinging about my cold hands again, broke out the handwarmers, and suggested an early lunch...

We skied down to Totalp and then dropped down towards the Davos mid station for lunch. We ate inside for a change... After lunch most people were ready to call it a day so we skied down the black to Davos Dorf. The run was pretty good and the snow, though choppy, was good fun. They've worked wonders at the bottom and most of the rocks and ice were covered up... Pretty much everyone wanted to stop and take the train back to Klosters but Gaelle and I fancied skiing it so we headed back up (after complaining about the extra walk that we had to do because the Davos Economic Forum security had fenced off the obvious route!). We skied back in a fast blast via Gruobenalp, 47 and 21.

A great day, but, did I mention that I got a bit cold? More layers tomorrow methinks!

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Posted by Len at January 24, 2007 10:45 PM | Categories: Season 2 - Ski Days
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