January 03, 2007

Best when ridden hard and fast...

We had around 30cms of new snow in Klosters last night. We skied on and off-piste around the Parsenn area and ended the day in Davos Dorf. I skied the Missions again and found that they respond best is ridden hard and fast the whole time. They really give back everything that you put into them and are wonderful at boosting my confidence off-piste. The size of them (fat and 185 long) means that they never take a dive and the soft flexing long fronts mean that they're forgiving of mistakes that would pitch me off of my B2s. It seems that they gloss over issues that would normally cause me real problems on other skis; I often don't even notice things that would have required lucky recovery moves or would have resulted in a fall... As a result I find myself skiing faster and harder and much more confidently off-piste, which was the plan. They're light and manouverable and feel solid cutting through choppy stuff. They work well in bumps and are ok on harder pistes once you accept the slight 'power slide' effect of the lesser edge hold when compared to the Dynastars...

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Posted by Len at January 3, 2007 06:39 PM | Categories: Season 2 - Ski Days
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