January 18, 2007

Fast off-piste

Today I was back on the missions and boy did I notice the difference after skiing my slalom skis for a couple of days. Since the slalom skis require me to work them hard I was in the habit of doing so and the missions responded beautifully to the added oompfh. Today there were 7 of us in total and it was an advanced intermediate day, so Gaelle led us on a fast paced cruise of the Parsenn pistes and off-piste.

We started by blasting down towards the Parsenmander T-bar, this was so much fun that several of us missed the turn for the T-bar and ended up a way below. I hiked back up to the T-bar whilst the rest of the guys who'd made same mistake carried on down to take the Schwarzsseealp chair. Once we'd all regrouped we set off to the Furka T-Bar, checked out the off-piste to the left of the red, 19, decided that it was still too crunchy and headed down to the Totalp chair at high speed. Once at the top we dropepd down to the top of the Meierhoftali chair and then traversed across, past the black and onto the steep off piste. Conditions here were good so we had some fun down to the blue, 11, and then played around in the soft stuff next to the piste. Once back at the top we dropped down 15 to the pylon and then cut left onto the bumps. The snow was good and we skied off piste all the way down and headed for the Furka. This time we took the gulley to skiers right and the snow was great, soft, if a little spring like in places. I took a narrow steep route through a couple of reasonably close rocks (it looked harder from the top than it felt when skied (or looked from the bottom!)). After the gulley we took the Totalp back to the top and then the Gipfelbahn to a cofee stop at the restaurant at the top of the Weissfluhgipfel.

After the break we headed down the black, 1, well, strictly speaking we took an off-piste route along the path that the black, 1, would have taken had it been open and marked... The snow on this was pretty good but the visibility was closing in, which made it somewhat harder. We dropped down to the Parsennfutgge T-bar and then up and over to the 19 and back to the Totalp. Once at the top Gaelle took a hard right and we took a narrow path which led us to a nice steep off-piste run down under the Totalp chair and down on to the off-piste by the side of the Meierhoftali; this was a very nice pitch and had great snow. After that we skied down to the Furka, dropped over on 18 to Kreuzweg and then took the 24 down to lunch at the Chesetta.

Lunch was long, and well earned. We left the restaurant at around 15.40 and caught the Schiferbahn bubble to the top and then skied down to the bottom on the 21, without stops. A great day and we were all exhausted at the end!

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Posted by Len at January 18, 2007 09:08 PM | Categories: Season 2 - Ski Days
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