January 15, 2007

Fast Blast around Parsenn and Jakobshorn

Today was an advanced/expert day and the plan was to blast around the pistes and hopefully find some off piste stuff that wasn't too horrible (weather here means that much of the off piste is a tad crunchy right now...).

We started by blasting down towards the Schwarzseealp chair. Next we dropped down to the Furka, down that at speed after checking that the off piste to the side really was rather nasty... Down to the Totalp and then down the red towards Davos Dorf. The black, 9, was good right down to the flat section at the bottom (the bumps came as quite a surprise given the speed we were all travelling at!).

We walked to the train station (so we had a choice of train or bus) and caught a bus to Davos Platz. Once there we took the Jakobshornbahn to the mid station and then took the Bramabuel T-Bar to the top and dropped right off piste and down some rather nasty stuff. Once at the mid point of the T-Bar the snow conditions got much better and we skied in pretty nice soft snow (if you worked it) down until we dropped into the tree line and re joined the piste. Then back up and the same again only this time we took the left side (slightly better snow but more rocks).

By this time we all felt that we'd earned our lunch so we stopped at the restaurant at the mid station and sat outside. Maria and Milky are out this week and they met up with us for lunch.

After lunch we took the Jakobshornbahn to the top and dropped down the black number 5, taking the off piste to skiers left on a nice, steep, north facing slope with soft fluffy snow. Then down and across to the Usser Isch chair and using a really classic example of contouring, we skied across to the Jatz Quattro lift. On the way up Gaelle decided that the off piste under the lift "looked like crap" and so we headed back up to do the stuff around number 5 again. We skied all the way down to the mid station and took the T-Bar back to the top of number 1 and did the left hand off piste bumps again and then finished up by burning down the lower, softer off piste to the mid station.

We then headed down in the cable car and caught the train home with perfect timing (there it was sitting at the platform and it set off a couple of minutes after we had all settled into our seats!). Another excellent day!

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Posted by Len at January 15, 2007 07:39 PM | Categories: Season 2 - Ski Days

Great blog. I can't find your contact information. I wanted to send you an email.

Rippin Skiers

Posted by: Rippin Skiers at January 17, 2007 12:13 AM

Have mailed you.

Posted by: Len at January 20, 2007 06:21 PM
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