January 13, 2007

Day off, walk to Davos Wolfgang

Today was Gaelle's day off. No repping. We decided not to ski, even though it was a glorious day, rest the legs and all that. Instead we walked from Klosters to Davos Wolfgang along a wonderful (if somewhat hard!) route that followed the stream. The path varied from being easy to slogging through knee deep breakable crust snow (often whilst Gaelle skipped along without breaking the crust!). We walked around 7-8k and climbed about 500m and felt that we'd earned out lunch at the Kulm when we finally got there.

We had planned to walk from Wolfgang to Davos Dorf along the lake after lunch but we were too shattered and instead jumped on a train back home and slept all afternoon. My legs ache but it's a different kind of ache, I think that's good.

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Posted by Len at January 13, 2007 07:14 PM | Categories: Season 2 - General
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