January 12, 2007

Rinerhorn? or PowderHorn?

We woke to find the local TV webcam report showing cloud and high winds at the top of Parsenn. The original plan had been to have a fast blast over from Grotschna to Davos Dorf, take the train to Jakobshorn and ski off piste and steep there until we ran out of steam and reversed the journey out. Unfortunatly the wind (gusting to 90kmh) meant that all but the Davos Dorf Funicular was closed on Parsenn and most of Jakobshorn was also shut. Gaelle chatted to the guys in the Tourist Office and the best plan seemed to be to visit Rinerhorn where almost all the lifts were running. This was, in a way, a really good thing as we'd wanted to visit Rinerhorn but the journey (around an hour on either multiple trains or bus) had been putting us off.

It was quiet at Rinerhorn, wonderfully quiet. There was no wind. There had been around 10-15cms of light, fluffy, snow. The pistes were either partially groomed (i.e. they had a nice ungroomed section down one side) or were powder on grooming. The six of us had a ball!

We started by heading up in the bubble and taking the Nullisch T-bar and came down the blue, 8, which was a mixture of groomed snow, powder on grooming and nice, easy, off-piste to the sides. We all had fresh tracks, there were only a handful of other skiers in sight and hardly any lines in the snow. Next we headed back up the same lift and dropped down the red, 9b, this was in a similar condition to the blue and was lots of fun. Onwards down the black, 10, which runs all the way down to the base via some lovely routes through the trees. Again there were fresh tracks to be had and everyone had fun.

We stopped for an early lunch at the mid station as people were tiring from the powder. We then dropped down to take the Juonli T-bar. Once down the red, 6 and then down onto the itinerary run (marked but not groomed or patrolled) which led all the way to the bottom again. This was great fun, a real adventure through the trees along a route that was marked in such a way that you could usually just about see the next marker post from the one that you'd just reached. The snow was good all the way down and the route was reasonably challenging (if you skied it hard). Back up to top of Juonli and down red 5 and then across to 4b and 4 which we took all the way down.

By the end of the day we were all exhausted. We'd skied pretty much alone on untracked powder all day. We took a bus to Davos Dorf, grabbed a hot drink whilst we waited for the train and then travelled back to Klosters with smiles all around.

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Posted by Len at January 12, 2007 09:05 PM | Categories: Season 2 - Ski Days
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