January 04, 2007

Let the train take the strain

Today we skied the Jakobshorn area in the morning, had lunch at the base and then jumped on the train and skied Davos Dorf in the afternoon. The way that all of the base areas are connected by regular trains and buses is really useful, it makes it very easy to end the day somewhere quite a distance from where you began (and often in a different ski area). The trains run to time (it's Switzerland after all) and they're clean, uncrowded, free and there are ski racks; what more could you want?

Most of our time in Jakobshorn was spent off piste under the Jatz Quattro lift. This was a mix of untracked powder and nicely choppy stuff with interesting, rolling terrain with the potential to catch you out. The lower section near the lift was a little thin with some rocks showing through but generally the rocks were visible and avoidable.

We downloaded in the gondola and had lunch in the Bolgen restaurant next to the half pipe. The food was good and the service was quick. It looks like the bar has WIFI so we might pop back later and see. After lunch we took the train from Davos Platz to Davos Dorf and skied top to bottom a couple of times. The off-piste at the top of piste 9, near the cut through under the railway, was great, lots of soft snow and a nice shallow gulley to play in. The rocks at the bottom of piste 9 were very civilized, nice and smooth, the best way to takle them was to straight line it over them whilst thinking light thoughts...

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Posted by Len at January 4, 2007 07:44 PM | Categories: Season 2 - Ski Days
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