January 07, 2007

Skiing with a Ski Club Rep...

Today I skied with the Ski Club rep in Klosters, ok, ok, Gaelle's the rep as of today... The day went well, two other members turned up and we had a day of 'exploring Klosters' which was aimed at all comers. We took the Gotschna to the top and dropped down the blue, 40, to the Gruobenalp chair, we did this twice as the snow was great and it was quiet. Next we took the Furka T-bar and came down 19, which again had awesome ego snow and was a lot of fun. Up the Totalp chair and down to the Meierhoftaii chair via the lovely, cruisy, carvey blue. Then back down to Totalp via 15 and down 17 and 21 towards Schifer. Gaelle had booked us in to the Chesetta but then realised that the 24 which we needed to take to get to it was closed and, since it wasn't an official off-piste day (when we could have avoided the closed run and skied off-piste to the restaurant) we had to change plans and restaurants. We took the Schiferbahn from the mid station and then skied all the way down to Schifer on the 21 and 23 (i'm not convinced that numbering the runs is a particularly good idea, but it seems appropriately Swiss...) After a long lunch we took the Schiferbahn back to the top and skied 11 again followed by 15 and 19 and then took in a new lift for today, Seetalii, which led us to 30. After that we dropped down to Gruobenalp and skied back to the Grotschna to download, the runs down were likely to be busy and the snow conditions down at Schifer were less than ideal, below there would likely have been worse... All in all a great day, everyone enjoyed themselves and we covered a lot of ground.

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Posted by Len at January 7, 2007 07:34 PM | Categories: Season 2 - Ski Days
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