December 16, 2006

Week 5

The second, and final week of the Ski Club Reps Course was better than the first for lots of reasons...

We started with transceiver training in lots of fresh powder and then skied hard for the rest of the week. The guys really pushed us, which was great. The week ended with our reports and 'graduation'. Most of us passed, I was happy with my evaluation and ended up being "posted" to Jackson Hole in late Feb.

This week also resulted in my plans for the season changing dramatically. I met someone wonderful on the course and we spent the week getting to know each other better. We're spending new year together and then, who knows... Gaelle has been "posted" to Klosters in Jan so we'll check the place out from our base in Davos over new year. So, rather than being in Morzine for the duration I'm driving back to the UK, briefly, to dump a load of stuff that's no longer required and then we're driving to Davos for new year...

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Posted by Len at December 16, 2006 06:38 PM | Categories: Season 2 - Weekly Reviews
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