December 06, 2006

Ski Club Rep's Course: Day 4

Last night, after the final ski performance clinic finished, we were split into new groups. I think the idea of the grouping is that we're in similar skier ability groups so that all members of the groups can move at similar speeds, etc. From now on we have a different instructor each day and we cover the different elements of group leading; navigation, off-piste skiing, avalanche transceiver searches, snow stability analysis, etc. Today we skied with Mary and had our first full day of leading.

Given there's so little open we started up on Rosolin, the scenario was that we were leading a group of intermediate skiers; focus was on appropriate amount of communication, control of speed and choice and number of stopping points. We each took it in turn to lead and then we'd have a group debrief where we discussed what worked and what didn't. After two runs down Rosolin it was time for lunch (yes, it was that slow).

After lunch I took everyone to the top of the cable car and we adjusted the scenario to 'advanced intermediates' and skied down pretty quickly from the top with fewer stops and higher speeds. From there we skied down Leisse and then repeated the trip with others leading. After that we skied down to the base, still leading and with some slightly more complex scenarios; lost pole, tired group member, over-keen group member who keeps skiing ahead, accident, etc.

The day was more fun than I expected and we skied more than I expected. Our next, and final, leading session is next week with Pattrick and will involve an off-piste day. Should be fun.

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Posted by Len at December 6, 2006 06:47 PM | Categories: Season 2 - Ski Days , Ski Club of GB Rep
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