December 04, 2006

Ski Club Rep's Course: Day 2

Today our group was in the classroom first thing. We smugly thought that this was good as it had started snowing late last night and was still snowing this morning. It looked a bit windy down at Le Lac so we reasoned that there may be delays in opening the lifts up on the glacier...

The classroom session covered the admin side of being a rep; paperwork, reporting and the nuts and bolts of doing the job... Some of this will also be covered on snow when we run 'leading sessions', etc. Today was just so that we could familiarise ourselves with the forms and how to complete them, etc... Today was the last classroom session, which, I think, we're all pleased about. There will be some evening lectures but no more half day sessions inside when we could be skiing.

We all rushed out of the classroom at lunch time, changed and headed for the mountain. We met with our instructors at 1.30 and conditions on the glacier were a little harsh; it was still snowing and there was little visibility, there was also a lot of wind. Today we had Andy as our instructor and the first thing we did was ski down the ridge to the Champagny T bar and ride to the top. Once there we cut across to the far skier's right or Champagny and skied down in the soft snow near to the fenced off, rock strewn, steep off-piste area. The snow was choppy powder, quite light and about 4 inches deep. Visibility was poor so we stayed close together and let the legs work out what to do. We followed the run down to Leisse and continued down towards the chair. We worked on continuous motion from turn to turn so that there were no unstable dead spots. The snow was good, choppy, bumpy, no vis, and we skied down to the chair as a fast moving group. I had an amusing fall at the bottom of the run, halfway along the flat section towards the chair. I was travelling pretty fast and enjoying riding the unseen bumps and hollows when I hit a deep hollow quite hard and ejected from both my skis. I landed on my chest in a heap some distance from my skis and was a bit winded. I think I need to adjust the bindings on my slalom skis, they're currently on 6 as I didn't want to risk them whipping around whilst I was a bit back and wrenching my knee, and 6 seemed OK for the racing we were doing (they came off when I straddled gates, but that was good), now that I'm skiing them in more demanding conditions I think they need cranking up a bit.

We rode the chair up to the top and the plan was then to drop down to the off piste to skier's right of Leisse but the ridge was closed... We investigated further and found that they'd closed the whole mountain due to the wind and lack of visibility. We headed home, somewhat dejected after only one run and under an hour on snow.

The morning groups had video taken and are now having their video analysis. We didn't get a chance to have any video done; and it's unlikely that there would have been much to see if we'd tried... We have one more day of performance training tomorrow and then we get on to the mountain craft and leading elements of the course.

So, not a great deal of skiing today, but at least we have some snow. The forecast is for the snow that we have to continue through until Saturday with bit dumps on Wednesday (33cm) and Saturday (17cm) and trace (3-5cm) for the other days.

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Posted by Len at December 4, 2006 05:32 PM | Categories: Season 2 - Ski Days , Ski Club of GB Rep
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