November 30, 2006

Cold on Champagny

Today we had a short course of full sized poles on Champagny, then a gap (to avoid the steep, icy roll over) and then a set of stubbies. Both courses were quite offset to keep the speed low on the steeper pitch. The T bar was slow, the wind was cold, the courses were both shorter than yesterday's monster and I was trying out lots of new ideas... My day wasn't as good as the last two.

I was working on getting more lateral movement. This worked well and I got a lot more rebound from the skis which meant that having all that lateral wasn't as slow as I was expecting it to be (after all it's not the hip that's crossing it's the feet). Of course that then meant that I needed to factor this into my line in the gates and, well, that takes time. I've spent the last couple of weeks getting used to skiing the gates and getting through the courses, staying close to a good line, near to the poles but not too near and without being spat out. That's all worked well, now we're adding more things into the mix to get me faster and more versatile... Sometimes that causes what used to work to break...

I got more lateral, but I think I pushed it a bit too far and separated my feet too much (think big high speed carve lateral), this scared me (it's very bad to straddle a gate by having one ski go above and one below) and so I took a more conservative line on the gates. In summary, I need more hip angulation but I shouldn't bring the inside leg in more... It's worth playing with as the power and extra speed that I get out of the additional flex on the skis is well worth it (assuming I stay over them and don't get behind). One thing that I did learn from today is that I'm getting pretty good at fixing bad lines, I can usually get back on track by the next gate, which suits me fine.

The morning was short; it was cold, the lift was slow, the line was long and I was trying new things that didn't feel as good as the things that worked. Most of us stopped for lunch early and when we went back out Blair had moved the full sized course to another point on Champagny; we'd worn through to the glacial ice quite quickly and we'd all started to back off a little due to the fear of falling (and Blair had then demonstrated how it wasn't that bad and fallen ;) ) The new course was fun, and short, but we were told to continue the rhythm after the course finished. We all had some good runs in the afternoon, though I continually mucked up the hairpin as my timing was a bit suspect since I was trying to incorporate the "body in the corridor and reach further into the corridor with the pole plant" move.

Not my best day, but I was trying things and sometimes they worked and when they didn't I usually understood why...

Video analysis basically told me what I already knew from today; the new moves were affecting the old smoothness and line. I was rushing the edge change because I thought it would take me longer to get my legs around because of the increased lateral movement; it didn't, so it was all a bit jerky and that caused the skis to break away more and resulted in more skidding and a crapper, slower line; still much to learn. What was interesting was that the run was much faster than previous runs, mainly due to the pitch, but given the speed increase I skied it pretty well... Not the best day, but better than expected. One more day to go... Need to find a way to ski more gates once the course finishes...

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Posted by Len at November 30, 2006 09:17 PM | Categories: R21 - Race training , Season 2 - Ski Days
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