November 27, 2006

All coming together

This morning I focused on practicing the smoother, more fluid and continuous movements that I'd been working on yesterday. This worked well and was very solid when I took it into the gates later on. Today's course on Rosolin was similar to the one that we skied last Monday, designed to introduce rhythm changes to the new guys in the group. It was good for those of us who did the course last week to see how much we'd improved over the week; all of us have moved on quite considerably. The second run down the course was videoed and Blair suggested that although I was very smooth it didn't look as if I was working that hard, be more aggressive was the suggestion... During the following runs I reintroduced the forward movement at the end of the turn and upped the tempo a little whilst maintaining the continuous movement throughout the turn. This all worked well and my runs got faster.

Today Blair showed us another way to get fast in vertical gates, we were told to keep our skis flat and take a very straight line rather than trying to turn around the vertical gates... The flat skis could be pivoted quickly and so we could do a little shimmy around the vertical gate. This worked well. We were then told to change how we were blocking the flush, rather than trying to block first with one hand, then the other, then the first again, we were told to block with the first/last hand and ignore the change for the middle gate and simply brush past it. This worked and made us all faster through the flush as the lack of body movement seemed to allow our legs to be faster through the shimmy; when we were trying to strike the middle gate with the other hand this tended to introduce a large upper body movement and this slowed us down.

We did a couple of runs down the course with our new vertical gate tactics and I found myself getting lots more speed out of the course. Putting everything together meant that I was skiing much faster than first thing; sometimes too fast for my tiring legs to deal with.

We finished in the gates and moved up to some steeper slopes to start getting us used to the pitch before we head back to 3500 later in the week. As usual my performance dropped back a level or two, I need to warm up on the steeps tomorrow to try and get comfortable with the smooth and progressive turns on the steeper pitches. As is usual, since I'm slightly less comfortable on the slope I tend to rush things a little which doesn't work when you're supposed to be slowing things down and making smooth and progressive movements.

Today was a glorious day, sunshine but cold, the course lasted well and the snow at altitude is good on Rosolin and patchy elsewhere. Temperatures lower down were above freezing for most of the day and the lower slopes are rapidly becoming green again. The forecast is for snow from Wednesday to Saturday. There were lots of non race trained skiers around again and most of them seem oblivious to the danger of crossing a race course without looking up the slope; hopefully us and them will survive the week without colisions...

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Posted by Len at November 27, 2006 10:19 PM | Categories: R21 - Race training , Season 2 - Ski Days
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