November 26, 2006


Today I spoke to Blair about the video analysis that I'd done of myself over the weekend. He agreed that I should be moving smoothly throughout the turn rather than moving into position and then waiting and he pointed out that this was likely the cause of my problems on the steeper stuff...

Since we had some new guys on this week's course we covered similar stuff to the start of last week but this was really useful for me to be able to build on what I'd done last week with an emphasis on dealing with the issues that we'd identified from the video.

After several drills we had some lunch and Blair set some stubbies for us. I worked on being smooth and continuous in my movements from edge to flat ski to edge throughout the turn. This worked well though Blair pointed out that I was now ignoring my hands (I tend to do that, focus on the problem at hand and ignore everything else that I should be doing...). To deal with my lack of hands we introduced a definite pole plant and I used something that Julian had us working on in Argentina; a continuous, progressive, movement of the pole plant that flows through the entire turn (rather than just a quick flicky poke at the end). This worked really well and I managed to tie the pole plant movement to my edge change and footwork so that the whole turn was flowing and smooth. What was quite interesting about linking the pole plant in like this was that when I needed to do a quicker turn, due to a slight rhythm change in the course, I simply increased the speed of the pole plant movement and my feet just followed...

Next up we started to work on the 'forward movement' at the end of the turn that we'd been working on late last week. Using the ski's 'uncambering' to push the body forward. I didn't quite get the timing of this right to blend it with my pole plant movement and the rest of my turn, it was all a bit forced, still, at least I wasn't rising up anymore, it was now definitely a forward movement.

All in all it was a good day and I have more things to work on (some of them are things that I've worked on before!) and I felt much better in the stubbies as I flowed smoothly from turn to turn with continuous movement. The downside of today was that there were lots more, er, "punters" on the hill; the whole of Espace Killy was supposed to open yesterday, but it didn't due to the lack of snow. This means that there are lots more people on the slopes and most of them don't seem to understand that race courses are dangerous places to wander across!

The lifts now open later in the mornings and close later, which means we get a bit of a longer breakfast but we don't get back to the hotel until a little later; then we had video analysis on the bit screen in the bar (before the football came on and we got kicked off the screen) and then we had to service the skis. Now that everyone who's out with R21 is staying at the Alpaka it's quite hectic when we're all servicing our skis at once...

Oh and I managed to find a helmet with a chin guard, so there's now less chance of me breaking my face with a slalom pole... I hope.

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Posted by Len at November 26, 2006 09:42 PM | Categories: R21 - Race training , Season 2 - Ski Days
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