November 14, 2006

Skis work...

11am came around and we caught the bus back to the base from the hotel. Dougie was there with our lift passes and the lifts were running! Skiing! Woo!

Today was a free ski day so that Phil could get a feel for our skiing and start suggesting drills to help us improve. Rather reassurringly Phil's first comments to me were that I dropped my hip in and back at the end of the turn (which is what I was left working on after Argentina). Conditions on the glacier are hard and icy with a little snow lower down... The new skis were great, holding perfectly on the ice even with my dodgy technique. They have a smaller sweet spot than the B2s, which is probably good for me, it means that I can tell sooner when I'm drifting into the back seat...

We did some exercises and plenty of short turns and tomorrow we get to run some gates...

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Posted by Len at November 14, 2006 06:01 PM | Categories: R21 - Race training , Season 2 - Ski Days

Glad to hear you got on the snow today, Len. No really, I am! * disappears into a corner and sobs *

I'm looking forward to your reports on the training. Enjoy :)

Oh, and I'm not sure you're allowed to talk about your "dodgy technique" now that you've qualified.

Posted by: Alan at November 15, 2006 12:17 AM

My technique will have dodgy bits forever, it just depends how many people can notice them...

Posted by: Len at November 15, 2006 06:50 PM
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