November 14, 2006

MP3 surgery required

One of the nice toys in my new car is a built in MP3 player with two SD card slots behind the sat-nav screen... Plug in a couple of cards and away you go... Part of the prep for the trip involved me copying a load of stuff onto SD cards and as part of this job I realised that iTunes had decided to start ripping my CDs in m4a format rather than good ol' mp3 (nice of it to bother asking me!)... The car only understands mp3 so I needed to convert some of my most recent CDs before I could play them. I used Nero and the job was pretty painless but when it came to play some of the files on my journey I found that some of the conversions seem to be, for want of a more accurate technical term, buggered. The problem files just make a buzzing noise (both in the car and when played on my laptop) and so now I'll need to try and reconvert them. The other thing is that the conversion doesn't seem to have converted the tags correctly, so track names don't display correctly. Damn software people, why can't they TEST things! Running the conversion again wouldn't be quite so bad if I didn't have to dig out my external hard disk to get hold of the original m4a files... Still, it'll give me something to do if we don't ski again today.

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Posted by Len at November 14, 2006 10:19 AM | Categories: Season 2 - General
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