October 30, 2006

BASP first aid course

As part of my continuing avoidance of 'real life' I'm doing the Ski Club of Great Britain's Reps course in Tignes in December. This will enable me to be sent to resorts to ski guide Ski Club members, see here for more details.

Part of the requirements of being a Rep is that you have a valid first aid certificate and although I have one from the time I spent in Argentina doing my BASI training the Ski Club decided that it wasn't suitable and so I needed to do the course that they recommended. So, I spent yesterday and the day before at the Bowles outdoor centre in Kent doing a two day residential BASP first aid course.

The course was pretty similar to the stuff we covered in Argentina but it focused less on splinting and potentially having to move the patient and more on immediate first aid. It also included CPR which wasn't covered in Argentina.

It was good to get to do more practice, dealing with complex accident situations with multiple different injuries. I got to meet several of the guys who'll be going on the rep's course in December, chatted to some existing reps who were doing refresher first aid courses and had a pleasant 'apres ski evening without the skiing' in the bar.

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Posted by Len at October 30, 2006 11:48 AM | Categories: Ski Club of GB Rep

Go On len, maybe see you in Tignes!

Posted by: Julian Griffiths at November 1, 2006 11:30 PM
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