September 26, 2006

Synchro Boxers and Bikini ski

To celebrate the end of the course we decided to do something amusing, synchronised skiing with the guys in just their boxer shorts and the girls in bikini tops...


The original plan that we'd discussed over dinner, after quite a bit of wine last night, was that we'd change at Viento Cero, leave our gear there and then take Militares up to the ridge and ski all the way back down to Viento Cero... The fresh snow, wind and the fact that Militares is such a long, slow, cold lift meant that we changed our mind this morning. Instead we changed at Refugio Lynch and then skied down to the sextuple and changed back at the restaurant there. We enlisted some guys from the other groups to carry our stuff down for us.

Chris, Phil, Neil and me emerging from Refugio Lynch where we changed... Stewy and Bengy decided not to join us, which was a pity...


We actually managed to stay synchronised quite well, as you can see from the picture below. The plan was to do a 'flying V' formation with Chris at the point Neil and I in row 2, Katie and Jo in row 3 and with Phil in row 4 centrally, behind Chris. I'm not quite sure what happened here, but Jo has drifted right quite a bit and Phil seems to have moved into her space in the V. Still, we're all in synch!


It actually wasn't that cold and when the wind dropped it felt quite warm! We got lots of cheers from the people on the chair lift and when we got to the restaurant at the sextuple everyone wanted to take pictures; though some of the more enthusiastic people also wanted the girls to take their tops off...


Just as we were leaving Lynch we bumped into a local guy who was very keen for us to 'film' in his Igloo that had a bed big enough for 24 people. I think he had the wrong idea about what we were doing... We declined his offer...

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