September 20, 2006

Day off

Last night most of us went into Bariloche for food and partying. I had a "no dancing" rule as I wanted to rest my knees but that didn't stop me staying out until around 3.30am. We started with a very nice meal at Kandahar; steak with musrooms and roasted vegetables and creamy potatoes, and some rather nice Malbec. Our group of 14 did, unfortunately, rather spoil the atmosphere for some of the couples dining at the restaurant but we weren't the only noisy table, though we were the largest group. We then went on to South Bar where we met up with some of the other groups, drank beer, and discussed the day and our results. From there some of us went on to Wilkenny and some to The Roxy.

Today I rested, and as is becoming the norm for my rest days I spent most of the day asleep.

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Posted by Len at September 20, 2006 06:37 PM | Categories: Argentina 06
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