September 07, 2006

Injury update

We've had quite a few injuries on the course...

  • In week one Ryan broke his heel. He had an operation here and has now gone home to Canada.
  • In week two someone who'd rather not be named broke his leg in a fall in deep snow. He's recovering well, won't be skiing again on the trip but has stayed out here to recover. He's now walking without crutches and can cycle and swim.
  • In week three Jo slid slowly into a tree and broke her hand after falling on some steep off-piste, coming to rest and then starting to slide.
  • In week four, on the last day of the free-style clinic, Andy fell and twanged his ACL, he's had an MRI, it needs surgery and he wont be boarding again on the course.
  • In week five Mark had a fall and landed on his shoulder, he has two tiny fractures and spent a few days resting but intends to ski and continue the course. He isn't allowed to fall...

Of course there have also been a fair number of twists and strains and aches and pains but we're hoping that we'll get to the end of the week (and, the end of the course!) without further serious incidents... Good luck and fingers crossed for speedy recoveries for all those affected.

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Posted by Len at September 7, 2006 08:02 PM | Categories: Argentina 06
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