August 29, 2006

Taking advantage of some of the other facilities

This evening I took advantage of some of the other facilities that the course has to offer. First off was 15 mins standing in the lake to 'ice' my knee. The conditions today were great fun but I probably pushed it a little too hard in the afternoon and my knee was a little painful when I stopped. Nothing that hurt whilst I was skiing but my kneecap was a little puffy and painful to the touch. After icing the knee it felt much better. I then had a nice hot bath. Since I'd had my skis serviced yesterday to prepare them for the training programme I decided that it was time for my body to get a bit of an overhaul too so I booked a massage for this evening. Part of the PeakLeaders team here in Bariloche are two masseuses who visit the hotel every evening (we also have 2 doctors that we can call on directly as well as Alvar and Ed for everything off snow and Ivan for everything on snow...). The massage was great and my knee feels even better than after the bath, she also found lots of knots in my right shoulder and my left thigh as well as fixing the nagging pain in my left hand. Well worth the money and the fact that we have this whole support team available is excellent.

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Posted by Len at August 29, 2006 10:23 PM | Categories: Argentina 06
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