August 19, 2006

Carlsburg don't build nightclubs, but if they did...

Last night four of us went out for a quiet steak at a place that Ant has christened the "greasy spoon steakhouse". This is a small, locals, cafe style restaurant that serves very good steak, chips and beer for small amounts of money. The idea was to have some food, have a few drinks and then head home. After the meal we went to Pilgrim and had some Guinness. When we arrived it was pretty quiet and we managed to get a nice table in front of the stage, within an hour or so the place was rammed and a rather good bad came on. The band was flamenco style Spanish guitar and the guys were very, very good. After a while the dancing started and Ant did us proud by dancing with the dancers with just the right amount of attitude... After the bar, 3am, we decided to go on to a club but were turned away from Rocket because we were "too old", this was slightly strange as we'd been there the week before, but it seems that they had some "18 year old only" special thing going on. Anyway, we went next door to Pasha and they let us in even though they seemed to have an equally strange 18 year old thing going on. The club was rammed with people dressed in fancy dress, mostly dressed the same as their friends, so there would be groups of nurses, groups of nuns, groups of soldiers, groups of prisoners, etc. The VIP bar area had a man on the door who ignored us completely but kept the youngsters out, so the bar area was calm and relaxed and easy to get served at. Down stairs on the dance floor we danced with 18 year old's skimpily dressed as nurses and nuns... A strange, but enjoyable end to the evening.

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Posted by Len at August 19, 2006 06:29 PM | Categories: Argentina 06
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