August 18, 2006

Back to basics

Four of us took the early bus this morning, the rest arrived at various points throughout the day. There were two buses at 9.30-10 for those who had been out celebrating last night and those who partied harder came by cab or later buses. Mark had arranged a night ski after the pistes closed and so many people who didn't manage to ski today still came out so that they could take part in the drinking in a mountain restaurant after last lifts, watching the sun set, and then skiing home with the ski patrol. I came home with some of the guys at the usual time as my knee was tired and I wanted a hot bath and a stretch rather than allowing it to stiffen up in a bar and then skiing down on frozen lumpy snow in the dark...

The day started with three of us doing a warm up at the top of the gondola. We caught the double chair up just as it started and did two runs down under the chair to the gondola and then headed down Piste 6 to meet up with Tano and the others at the base of the gondola. The conditions were a little hard, poor visibility, flat light, and slightly frozen pistes made for an interesting couple of runs. My knee and ankle were a little weak from yesterday's fall and I stopped to put on a knee support, more for the psychological effect than the physical effect; I'd been nervous about committing to it, especially when it was the new inside ski and I was rolling it out of the way. The knee support worked and the knee felt much better for the rest of the day.

After our warm up, Tano took us to the nursery slope at the top of the mountain and we spoke about how to teach total beginners and then practiced simple straight sliding exercises through snow plough, snow plough stops, turns and linked turns with traverses. It was interesting to see that most of us had the same upper body issues when doing a snow plough that we have with normal parallel skiing.

After lunch we skied some slightly slushy bumps and did some more technique work on our long radius turns. The sun had come out and the snow was suffering a little. By the end of the day my knee was a little tired, but not too bad, I was pleased that it had lasted the day and will take tomorrow and Sunday off to rest it.

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Posted by Len at August 18, 2006 10:46 PM | Categories: Argentina 06 , Argentina 06 - Ski Days
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