August 16, 2006

Another day at the office

It was cloudy and cold this morning. My extra layer came out of my pocket after the first warm up run and I put it, my under-helmet hat, and my silk glove liners on before we started work for the day. With the sun hidden behind the clouds it was so much colder than yesterday. The sky was just as amazing as ever though...


Today was much like yesterday. In the morning we skied slowly with our boots unbuckled so that we could feel balanced on the skis without the aid of the boots and so that we could focus on feeling how the ski reacted as we turned. By the end of it my feet we cold due to the air blowing in through the gaps in the shells. Still, I did feel more balanced on my skis and I did have a better feel for what was going on between foot and ski and snow - I couldn't ski with my boots done up though! Luckily we just did one run down to lunch.


After lunch I could ski properly again, thankfully, and we did more high speed carved turns practice, much as yesterday. Tano stood at the bottom of the Condor II run and we looped doing runs with personalised feedback. Today was faster and we were being told to be more gentle with the pressure changes, more fluid, faster and with more edge pressure. Things seem to be coming along nicely.

Once we'd done with the work we had a few fast runs around the mountain and then headed home. Another good day at the office.

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Posted by Len at August 16, 2006 06:08 PM | Categories: Argentina 06 , Argentina 06 - Photo Album , Argentina 06 - Ski Days
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