August 14, 2006

Video analysis and technique work

The skies were reasonably clear this morning, the snow was a little hard and there was a lot of wind which made some of the off-piste a little interesting due to the crust that had developed. We did several nice warm up runs on the blues and reds under the quad chair that runs from just below the top of the sextuple and then spent the rest of the morning being filmed for later analysis.

As with all video analysis sessions that I've been involved with in the past the runs that were filmed felt like the worst runs of the day, the footage looked slower than it felt and yet the experience was valuable as, to be honest, it's probably better to get your worst runs on film so that you can work on the worst problems... And, of course, it only feels like the worst runs, I probably ski that badly all the time! We reviewed the footage after lunch.

As usual my hands are too low though no where near as low as they used to be. I'm dipping my inside hand a little too much, mainly when my left hand is inside, though the right could be better too. I need to lift my arms a little, pull my stomach in a bit more, be a little more upright and angulate my upper body a little more in longer turns. Relatively small things but things that need work.

We got some interesting footage of a 3-4' cornice entry onto windblown, crusted powder. I didn't really jump in, it was more of a controlled drop, but I did stay on my skis which is more than some of the guys who took a more aggressive entry did. I then completely failed to drop straight into short turns in the untracked snow as my body position was wrong and I wasn't aggressive enough with the crusty snow and so ended up in a couple of monster carves rather than punchy short swings. Eventually I got my upper body untwisted and got into the turns a little more; the end result is that I survived it but I didn't really ski it. The next time in was better, the snow had been chopped up a bit so the crust wasn't an issue and the drop was now something that had been done before. Perhaps I'll actually jump in next time. The prize for the most stylish entry must go to Ant who took a reasonable run up and jumped in to land with his skis tip down and flip into a forward roll with lots of powder kicking up, as the powder cleared he emerged from the cloud still on his skis and skied down towards us. Joe lost a ski after an equally aggressive entry (though the ski that came off did make some nice turns on its own as it ran down the piste towards us) and Neil lost both skis in a similar fashion.

After lunch we worked on technique. Mostly hands and upper body and proper carving. I'm quite used to having my technique pulled apart and rebuilt but it's always a little painful. The carving practice worked well though and it's something to work on tomorrow morning when we're the first on the mountain and we have some nice open pistes with nobody else on them.

I had my skis services over the weekend and they didn't feel quite right today. Not sure if it was just me being fussy, the snow being harder than it has been for a week and my technique not being up to dealing with the hard pack, the edges not being sharp enough (they're sharp but not as sharp as when I do them myself) or perhaps they've added a bit of base edge bevel and I'm not used to the squirrelly results... Either way I wish I'd brought a file and my edge guides... Perhaps it's time to go shopping for some files, or perhaps I should just get them serviced somewhere else next time...

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