August 13, 2006


No skiing today, which was lucky considering that I got in at around 5am after spending a few hours in Pilgrim after our group meal. The band wasn't as good as last week's; more of a jazz thing than the rock we had last week. However we did manage to get a table for the 5 of us and there was plenty of space for Ryan to put his bad foot up out of the way. After the bar we tried, and failed, to get in to Roxy and then ended up in a casino, I can't quite remember why...

Today I spent most of the day in bed, I got up for some breakfast at around 11, checked my email and then went back to bed until around 4ish at which point I read for a while and then had a long hot bath. My knees feel good today, they were feeling a little tired yesterday and, to be honest, the lack of dancing last night was probably good for them...

When I woke at 11 I felt like I had a bit of a cold coming so I dosed up on medication and now things seem a little better, hopefully I can avoid the full on lurgy that seems to be going around and escape with just the one day version.

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Posted by Len at August 13, 2006 06:14 PM | Categories: Argentina 06
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