August 11, 2006

Day off

No skiing today. The instructors decided that we needed a day off. It was tipping down with snow again at hotel level and the road to Cerro Catedral was bad again and only the lower sections of the mountain were open and we were all tired yesterday and there are only so many consecutive days that you can ski heavy powder through steep trees without hurting yourself...

Luckilly they told us this last night, well, they said that we wouldn't ski this morning. This meant that some of us could go into Bariloche to celebrate Stewy's birthday. It was an early night for me, 2am or so, the band at Roxy's wasn't so good and I was tired and headed off with Ed in the first taxi. Others stayed until 5am...

Ivan called a meeting at 12.30 and told us that there wouldn't be any skiing in the afternoon either. None of us were that upset by this as we are all tired. The forecast is for more snow through until Sunday, some sun would be nice.

We all went into Bariloche for a lunch of pizza and beer and some of us then did some shopping and got a cab home. Others went to the gym or swam or played football.

The current plan is to ski tomorrow, I'm not sure if today counts as our "one day off of the mountain each week" and if we'll be able to ski on Sunday or not. Ideally we'll get some sun on Monday and can get back to working on technique improvements.

Some pictures from lunch:



Kathy and Bert.


Mark, a pirate and Freya. The tooth loss was from a bike accident before the trip, not from snow boarding...


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Posted by Len at August 11, 2006 07:19 PM | Categories: Argentina 06 , Argentina 06 - Photo Album
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