August 07, 2006

Monster powder day

It was raining at hotel level all day yesterday and eventually became snow at around 8ish in the evening. This morning some of us went for a run in the sleet before stretching. The road up to the mountain was covered in slushy snow and as we got higher we could see that there had been at least a good 8-10" of fresh snow at the base of the lifts. This is very good news as the runs down to the resort were looking a bit bare last week; we had plenty of snow at altitude but the lower runs were rocky and patchy, the freezing level has just been too high, around a third of the way up and this has meant a fair amount of rain at the base area. Today was different though.

It snowed all day and the forecast is for more snow through until Thursday. It was quite windy which meant that the lifts above mid mountain were closed and the chairs below were running slower than usual. We took Condor I first thing and Condor II was closed so we skied back down to the base, untracked powder above the boots, quite heavy this low down but lots of fun. After a second run down from Condor I the second lift was open and we went higher. The snow higher up was drier and deeper. We skied down to the t-bar and all either fell off, we were first up and there were no tracks and boot deep powder, or got off, it stopped whilst we were half way up... We then skied all the way back to the bottom and took the 6 man chair (after a hell of a queue) and then skied down to lunch at the usual mid mountain restaurant.

Lunch was long, thankfully, we'd almost dried out by the time we finished. We cut across towards the gondola and took it back to mid mountain and then skied down Amancay which was awesome. Knee deep powder, nice and steep, just enough bumps to make things interesting and some, though not much, visibility. Once more up in the gondola, though this time it stopped several times due to wind. We then skied down to Piste 6 through some amazing powder in the trees. The piste itself was not quite so deep, not qite so steep but still lots of fun. By this time most of the lifts were on wind hold or closed for the day and, anyway, it was time for us to stop.

All in all an excellent day's skiing. Not quite as deep as the last day of the season on Mont d'Arbois but pretty near. As we left the mountain it was still snowing and hopefully tomorrow will be just as good!

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Posted by Len at August 7, 2006 07:13 PM | Categories: Argentina 06 , Argentina 06 - Ski Days
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