August 06, 2006

Steak out

Last night we went out in Bariloche. We split into several groups so that we didn't overwhelm a single restaurant. Our group had a great meal with lots of good wine and huge steaks. We then went on to Pilgrim, a bar that served a decent pint of Guinness and had a really good live band; the group split at this point when the younger members headed off to another Irish bar, Wilkenny, and the, er, slightly older members stayed to sign along to "Wish You Were Here" and other classics. Eventually we ended up in a club, Rocket, I think, and danced until 6am and got a cab home. Looking at this site it seems that we did the standard backpacker thing...

Today is a rest day and I think everyone appreciates not being on the mountain. I slept through until after lunch and then spent the rest of the day lazing around. Apparently things get tougher next week so taking some time out today seems appropriate.

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Posted by Len at August 6, 2006 07:33 PM | Categories: Argentina 06
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