July 30, 2006

Buenos Aires - Day 3

Not enough sleep followed by breakfast at the last possible moment and then a bus to the airport. The plane was delayed a couple of hours so we loafed around and then flew to Bariloche. 20 min bus transfer and we were finally here... Snow's supposed to be good. The hotel is excellent. This evening we had an introduction to the huge team of people that will be helping us along the way to our BASI qualifications. So far I'm very impressed. The schedule for our next 10 weeks is pretty full on. Up at 7.30 for breakfast, 8.15 we get a minibus to the slopes, on the snow by 8.30, train until lunch, train until 15.30 and then back to the hotel for more activities; gym work, spanish lessons, running, etc... And once the actual BASI instructors get here it gets more intense...

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Posted by Len at July 30, 2006 11:46 PM | Categories: Argentina 06
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