July 28, 2006

Buenos Aires - Day 1

The flight from Gatwick to Argentina was via Madrid. The first leg of the journey was delayed by an hour or so, which wasn't too much of a problem as we all started to get to know each other in the bar. The flight was noisey due to the fact that we were sharing it with a bunch of spanish school kids who were very into singing and jumping around. The boys were also into ordering beer with their meals but the teacher soon put a stop to that. Luckilly for us, the school trip stayed at Madrid. Not so luckilly, so did most of our luggage.

We were rushed from the first plane across the airport to the second and went straight on. From the evil looks that the other passengers gave us I expect that they'd been waiting some time. At this point I didn't expect our luggage to make it but the team leader checked with someone who assured her that it was loaded.

The flight from Madrid to Buenos Aires was uneventful. It wasn't until we got to the luggage reclaim and waited, and waited and eventually a little man came out and told us that there was no more that we finally realised that our luggage hadn't made the transfer... Some of us got some bags, my boot bag arrived OK, and in all we had around 4-5 bags between the 25 of us. The rest will arrive tomorrow, apparantly...

Onwards by bus to the hotel which is basic but nice. Lucky we dont have our luggage there wouldn't be room for it in the room... A quick shower and a change of clothes into the emergency clothes from my hand luggage and then off in search of breakfast, or whatever you call the food I currently need, allowing for my confused body clock. Eventually found a nice restaurant where we had omletes and coffee. Back for a team briefing and then some of us set off to wander Buenos Aires doing the tourist thing. Visited Eva Peron's grave in the cemetery, more a necropolis really, an amazing city of the dead on the edge of the city of the living. More coffee and conversation and then back to the hotel for a rest before this evening's very early meal (7.30 is almost breakfast by Argentinian standards but it was the only time that they could get space in a restaurant for all 28 of us that are currently in Buenos Aires...).

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Posted by Len at July 28, 2006 11:00 PM | Categories: Argentina 06
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