June 20, 2006

No plans until after Argentina

Currently I have no firm plans for what I'll do once I get back from Argentina. Given the way my life is at present I figure it's wise not to plan too much as who knows what I'll want to do in 3 months time, however, I am accumulating options. In fact, I have made one plan for post Argentina and that's to do the Ski Club Reps course in Tignes. Given my current situation I expect I'll want to spend as much time on snow as I can; after all, what better way to calm a troubled mind than by skiing your arse off.

Other options that I was thinking about today include:

Telemark training and assessment with TeleMasters to get the "second discipline" required for the next BASI level, ISIA. The second discipline is "red run competency" plus ability to show how The Central Theme can be applied for the development of novices... I figure that I'd rather have Telemark than Snowboarding as my second, purely from an "interest" point of view...

Test Technique (slalom) training with R21 (something to do in the three weeks prior to the reps course, perhaps...). This is useful if you want to work in France prior to getting your BASI ISIA and good preparation for the giant slalom required for the Euro Test.

Euro Test (giant slalom) training with R21 (though the dates clash with the Reps course) or Snoworks. The European Speed Test isn't actually required until you take your BASI ISTD, which is the next one on from ISIA. However, I figure that I'm not getting any younger and if I do decide that I want to head in the direction of an ISTD in the long term then I should probably deal with the racing element sooner rather than later. Besides, running gates sounds like fun and, once you have it, you can teach in France. Theoretically I could fit some of this in between the return from Argentina and the trip to Tignes; I'd like to find out how much work I need to put in training to stand a hope of passing... There would then be scope to go to BASS in Morzine and do either one or both of their 2 week Euro Test training camps.

Then there's the BASI ISIA training programmes. New Generation do one in Meribel or Courchevel but the timing probably isn't quite right for me for the 2007 season. BASS also do ISIA training in Morzine.

Of course all of the above really require me to pass in Argentina, but then as Yoda said: "Do, or do not, there is no try."...

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Posted by Len at June 20, 2006 10:47 PM | Categories: General
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