April 18, 2006

I can't believe I'm watching beginner ski tuition videos again

This weekend I watched a couple of the ski tuition videos that I've recently purchased. The first, "The Central Theme", is a short (15min) video aimed at people training to be BASI Instructors. It covers the same stuff as the first section of the Alpine Manual (straight running, snow plough, plough turns, parallel) but in a video format. I found it quite useful to actually see the movements rather than just read about them, especially since the new way of teaching beginners is considerably different to how I was taught by the ESF in France 18 or so years ago...

Next up was "Skiing Skool". This is a video that's aimed at people who've never skied, it's designed to take away some of the fear of the unknown by giving you information about equipment, ski lessons, lifts, etc. The useful part for me was the fact that quite a lot of the video is used to show a BASI instructor taking an absolute beginner from nothing to parallel turns. I found it useful to watch the things that I'd read about in both the Alpine Manual and the BASI Manual in action. I expect I may edit this down so that I have just the "instructor in action" portion available for review.

I'm actually quite surprised that I'm finding studying the teaching part of my preparation so interesting. The BASI manual covers the general teaching and safety side of whilst the Alpine Manual is discipline specific (there's also a snowboard version, a telemark version, etc). So far the stuff on teaching and the various psychological issues and the way that people learn is proving really interesting; it's the kind of stuff that would have been useful to know years ago when trying to help various people down various slopes... I actually think that the various BASI manuals are probably well worth buying even if you don't intend to train to be an instructor, they're full of useful, technical, information that's straight to the point - which is how I like it. I expect I'll pick up the Telemark manual once the Argentina trip is over.

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Posted by Len at April 18, 2006 11:10 AM | Categories: Argentina 06
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