March 28, 2006

New Skis?

The information pack that came with my receipt for the BASI course in Argentina included some fairly specific requirements for the skis that I should be using... "performance based (i.e. derived from a race ski). Under foot dimensions should be between 64 and 75mm (at the waist). Turning radius should be 16-22 meters. Any top models recommended"...

A quick call to my friendly ESF ski instructor, Lucy, in Megève resulted in a suggestion to go straight for the Rossignol 9x. Either the hard-core 9x World Cup (FIS approved giant slalom race ski) or the slightly more punterish 9x TI Oversize. Right now the World Cup scare me (and the turn radius is slightly outside of the spec). I'm awaiting feedback from the guys at PeakLeaders but ideally I'd like to have chance to ski both of them on some nice hard snow before I buy; ideally with a lesson and encouragement from Lucy in case they're as hard work as I expect them to be! However, given the heat-wave in the alps at present I think the chance of that happening is becoming increasingly slim. Still, I guess we can just pray for some late season dumps like we had last year...

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Posted by Len at March 28, 2006 11:10 PM | Categories: Argentina 06 , Gear

The feedback from PeakLeaders was that plenty of people have used the Rossi B2 and had no problems passing the course. So I expect I'll stay with them as I'm comfortable with them.

They also recommended the 9X TI over the 9X World Cup - which is pretty much the decision I'd come to anyway...

Posted by: Len at March 29, 2006 07:04 PM
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